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Custom Products

The DuTCH audio IM series consoles are based around modules and because of that,  it’s possible to have a custom-controller to fit your needs.

Both 1u and 2u custom units are possible. There are some physical limitations; fitting a lot of push-buttons next to a lot of stepped attenuators is not easy or not even possible at all.  

Combining an MC1 monitor-controller with the IM modules is not possible because of design limitations of the MC1 system.

Even though the module-based system is really flexible, it's not possible to combine, let's say MS and blend on one module. You will need 2 seperate modules for that.

When we start to design your custom product, we will charge a €75 designers' fee. This fee will be discounted from the final invoice when you order the product, but will not be refunded in case of a cancellation of the order.