DuTCH.audio IM1.2

The IM1.2 is a 1u 19 inch flexible and sturdy 6 inserts matrix for analog-based studios. 


  • 1 stereo input with bypass-able stepped active gain (+/-5.5db) and polarity swap
  • insert 1 / 2 (passive) with order swap
  • insert 3 / 4 with switchable stereo/MS
  • insert 5 (passive)
  • insert 6 (passive) with pre/post swap functionallity
  • 1 stereo output with bypass gain compensation and global insert bypass

For more info, possibilities and technical details please read the user manual: DuTCH audio IM1.2 user manual

If you want to compare the functionality of all the IM products, please follow this link.

 Price: 1650 euro ex VAT