16 May 2019

We get requests for a product-demo every now and then. We are delghted to tell you that for people in the EU we have an IM2.1 available for demo's together with some DB25 cables. Please contact us for the possibilities.


15 March 2019

New model introduction

We got quite a lot of requests for a stepped active gain on the output instead of the bypass gain compensation to the IM1 and IM2 series, so we decided to deliver that as a standard as well. The version with bypass gain compensation will be called the way they where (IM1.2), the newversion with stepped active gain on the output instead is now called the s series, like for instance the IM1.2s.

For a product comparsion list, please follow this link

6 February 2019

We just introduced the IM1.2 insert matrix as an alternative next to the IM1.1. The IM1.2 has a pre/post functionallity on insert6, which means it can be post or pre.
Post: input > 1>2>3>4>5>6>output
Pre: input > 6>1>2>3>4>5>output

6 February 2019

It's quite easy to label the pushswitches on the units, it just needs a bit of practice. That is why we made this small manual on how to do it properly. Switch-labeling

16 january 2019

We are proud to announce that legendary mastering-engineer Bob Katz is now using a custom IM1.bk masteringconsole as his primary console.