27 October 2020

IM2.1s and IM2.3s with 0.25/0.5 per step

Sometimes you want course steps, sometimes you want more precise/smaller steps for your output gain. From now it's possible to order the IM2.1s and IM2.3s with both 0.25 and 0.5dB per step with a small toggle button above the gain attenuator.

19 February 2020

Since we got quite a lot of requests for a small 1u console with mid/side and parallel processing we are proud to introduce the DuTCH.audio IM1.5 insert matrix.

More info and the possibility to order can be found here.

16 December 2019

We are proud to announce that from now on you can order our standard products and Grimm cables by using our webshop!

1 october 2019

Width range:
From now on all IM2.x products will have a more precise control over the (stepped) width range. - 6.5db till +3.5db. This also makes it more easy to recall.

The IM1.4 is also available now. A 1u 8 insert mastering-matrix with stepped active output gain and mid-side.