IC1.1 Insert Computer

DuTCH.audio is proud to present the IC1.1 Insert Computer

The IC1.1 Insert Computer integrates our well-known and proven analog circuitry with a computer-interface to take it to the next level. The IC1.1 can be controlled using the intuitive and classy front-panel, as well as through the use of a VST3 plugin, which allows you to save and automate settings while even multiple units can be stacked using this plugin. With the built-in Ethernet interface, you can easily connect the IC1.1 to your existing network. The IC1.1 provides a stereo input and stereo output (XLR), along with eight analog stereo inserts (analog Tascam DB25 standard). By using sealed relays, all inserts are fully passive, with no coloring of electronic switching. Insert 3 and 4 have swap functionality. Insert 5 and 6 can also be used in mid/side mode with a bypassable width control with a gain range from +/- 10dB in 0.1dB per step. Insert 8 can be swapped between post or pre.

Input and output have 0.1dB per step bypassable active gain with a +/-10dB range. Additionally, the output gain can be used as a bypass gain compensation for levelmatched AB’ing when inserts are bypassed. Values for Input, MS-Width and Output, insert order and programmable insert names are displayed on an easy-to-read display.

Availability and prices

  • White frontpanel IC1.1 direct delivery from our EU and UK dealer Joystick.be
  • Black frontpanel IC1.1 available in approx 4 weeks from our EU and UK dealer Joystick.be
  • Price: 3750 euro excluding 21% VAT and shipment.
Technical information

Stereo Input (goldplated Neutrik XLR):

  • Passive input with polarity and LR swap (dual function button).
  • Bypassable active gain with a +/- 10dB gain range in 0.1dB per step using digital potmeters

8x Stereo Inserts (goldplated DB25):

  • Insert 1/2: passive
  • Insert 3/4: passive with the ability to swap order (3>4 or 4>3)
  • Insert 5/6: passive with active mid/side mode and width control (+/-10dB in 0.1dB per step)
  • Insert 7/8: passive, insert 8 has pre/post functionality. (1>2..7>8> or 8>1>2..7>)

    * Enter a name into the plugin for the insert names to appear on the display and plugin.
    * Active insert order will also be shown on the display for instant visual feedback. 

Stereo Output (goldplated Neutrik XLR):

  • Passive output with bypassable active gain with a +/- 10dB gain range in 0.1dB per step.
  • Insert bypass function with bypass gain compensation (dual function button)

  • Max input level: >+24dBu
  • Max input level active stages: +24dBu
  • Noise level passive: <119dB(a)
  • Noise level active: <118dB(a)
  • Stereo crosstalk: <110dB(a)
  • Stereo crosstalk mid/side: ~80dB(a)
  • THD passive: <0.00043% at 1khz
  • THD active: <0.00050% at 1khz

  • Input voltage 100 to 240VAC 50/60HZ. (external SMPS PSU)
  • Power consumption minimum 3 watt maximum 20 watt
  • Unit size: 1u 19 inch, depth 25cm
  • Weight: approx 3kg
  • RJ45 ethernet connection (DHCP or fixed IP)
  • VST3 64bit plugins available for all platforms

Instruction and functionality movie

We made a straigthforward instruction video about the IC1.1 functionality and how to use it.
You can check it out here.