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Enrich The Music World is a boutique company residing from the Netherlands, specializing in crafting innovative high-end equipment tailored for the most demanding music studios. Our design ethos revolves around flexibility, intuitivity, transparency and sustainability.

Why choose

  • No compromises
  • High quality parts
  • Hand-built
  • Flexible designs and customizable
  • Sustainability

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We offer 5 product series:

Customized products are also possible. Check the custom page and contact us for the possibilities.
We also sell Grimm Audio cables, the perfect match for our products.


The Dutch Audio Mastering Transfer Console. This was custom made for us by Dutch Audio.  It's totally transparent and has a few neat convenience features.

Bob Katz

IM2.JK as the heart of of my analog setup. After checking out various options, going with, was a no-brainer. It’s like having the Ferrari of mastering switchers with amazing audio performance and build quality.

Josh Keith

I didn't think a simple insert patchbay could impress me, but Jesus Christ!!! I read a lot online about the build quality being insane and I can only confirm everything that I read.

I salute you to an incredible design and thank you very much for my unit. I'm 100% sure it will serve me for decades!

Simon Dupp

Is your box that good or is the ### that Sh** cause honestly I didn’t even recognize the system. It is unbelievable! It’s not by any means subtle. We are in audio heaven.

Lukas Rimbach

As far using it goes, I love it!! It has taken my level of options and creativity to new heights. And it's done that while greatly simplifying and streamlining my workflow.

Mike Milchner

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