DuTCH audio is a Dutch boutique company, specialized in high-end studio equipment for music studios. Owner, designer and builder Jeffrey de Gans is a renowned and respected mastering engineer. The design philosophy is based on flexibilty, transparancy and durability.

Why choose DuTCH audio?

  • 100% customer satisfaction is our main goal
  • Flexible designs and customizable
  • Hand-built by the designer
  • Highest quality parts
  • No comprimises

Check out the product page for more information and options.


We deliver 3 product series:

We are also an official Grimm Audio TPR cables dealer.
If you want to compare the functionality of all the IM products, please follow this link.
Custom products are also possible. Check the custom page for some examples and contact us for the possibilities.

IM1.x series

The DuTCH.audio IM1.x series insert matrix is a small footprint 1u 19 inch console for analog based studios but with limited space.

IM2.x series

The DuTCH.audio IM2.x series insert matrix is a full blown 2u 19 inch for the most demanding analog based studios with full options.

MC1 monitor controller

The DuTCH audio MC1 passive monitorcontroller is designed around a 64 steps relay-based parallel attenuator. Compared to a standard series-based attenuator or potmeter this approach is way more transparant and clean.

Custom products

Next to our stock products it's also possible to order custom products. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities and a price estimate.

Grimm TPR Cables

Grimm Audio TPR cables delivers the most natural and least coloured transfer available. Get reference quality for a mainstream price. TPR cables are the ideal cables for our IM series insert consoles.


Are you interested in our products ?

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DuTCH Audio
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