DuTCH audio was founded by Jeffrey de Gans, a renowned mastering engineer from the Netherlands. He is also known for building his own studio equipment. When Jeffrey found out that there was not really something on the market that could suit his own needs, he designed his own mastering insert matrix and monitor-controller. Because of all the good feedback on this matrix, the IM series insert matrix was born.

Jeffrey was born in 1971 and became obsessed with music, sound and technique during early childhood. At the age of 10 he started messing with tapedecks, mixers and turntables, playing his sisters disco records. Later he had his own pirate radio station, worked for a drive-in-show as well as for several other radio stations, produced and released over 70 vinyl records and has deejayed at many parties worldwide.

Another passion of Jeffrey is making espresso; constantly fine-tuning the machines to make that espresso perfect. This aim for perfection can also be found in the production of DuTCH audio equipment: always pushing things just a little bit further and steadily improving features, never settling for less. 

Reeweg 40
3342 AB Hendrik Ido Ambacht (near Rotterdam)
the Netherlands (route)

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