29 November 2022

DuTCH.audio is proud to present the first product in their newest product line.

Aside from his 35 years of audio experience, Jeffrey de Gans, owner of DuTCH.audio, has been specializing in mastering for the past 20 years. This, coupled with Jeffrey's technical skills, as well as his dedication to improving the music industry, has resulted in new products that will revolutionize your studio workflow. Jeffrey teamed up with Bastiaan de Waard, who possesses a combination of musical talent and a thorough understanding of both programming and studio equipment, which forms the ideal partnership and collaboration.

IC1.1 Insert Computer:
Our brand-new IC1.1 Insert Computer integrates our well-known and proven analog circuitry with a computer-interface to take it to the next level. The IC1.1 can be controlled using the intuitive and classy front-panel, as well as through the use of a VST3/AAX plugin, which allows you to save and automate all settings while even multiple units can be stacked using this plugin. With the built-in Ethernet interface, you can easily connect the IC1.1 to your existing network. The IC1.1 provides a stereo input and stereo output (XLR), along with eight analog inserts (analog Tascam DB25 standard). By using sealed relays, all inserts are fully passive, with no coloring of electronic switching. Insert 3 and 4 have swap functionality. Insert 5 and 6 can also be used in mid/side mode with a bypassable width control with a +/-10dB range in 0.1dB per step. Insert 8 can be swapped between post or pre. 

Input and output have 0.1dB per step bypassable active gain with a +/-10dB range. Additionally, the output gain can be used as a bypass gain compensation for levelmatched AB’ing when inserts are bypassed. Control's encoders and the programmable insert name are displayed on an easy-to-read display.

Availability and prices:
The IC1.1 will be available for order by the end of December 2022.
Price: 3500 euro excluding 21% VAT.
For more information and availability, please contact DuTCH.audio.



13 September 2022

New product development

We are really excited to share the news that Bastiaan de Waard joined DuTCH.audio! Bastiaan is developing software for our new line of products. The new Insert Computers & Monitor Controller series will be fully digital controlled, can be used in standalone mode and/or have total recall automation functionality through VST/AAX support over ethernet. First products are set to be launched end of this year. More info will be shared on social media and https://DuTCH.audio

12 July 2022

There has been some silence on our website, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy. We where actually too busy to post news and things.

New modules
We have added two really nice combined modules to our custom Insert Machine page. The modules are a combination of mid/side and our famous blend circuit. This means that it's possible to blend wet/dry in an MS encoded signal with 2 inserts. Check out the custom products page for more infomation and possibilities.

Expanding team
Exciting news! We expanded our team and we'd like to welcome Bastiaan de Waard. Bastiaan is responsible for software development for our upcoming, really innovative products. More information soon.