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Grimm TPR8 DB25 snake

Grimm TPR8 DB25 snake
Grimm TPR8 DB25 snakeGrimm TPR8 DB25 snake
€ 219,01 (€ 181,00 excl VAT) each
cable length TPR8

Grimm TPR8 snake 1 meter

Grimm TPR brakeout cables are the ideal cables for our IM series insert consoles. 

For 2 inserts, you will need 1 DB25 snake, so for 8x insert, you need 4 DB25 snakes.

  • gold-plated Amphenol DB25 D-sub
  • Neutrik XLR's
  • Other lengths by request
  • Cables shorter then 1 meter will be charged as a 1 meter breakout cable.
  • Availability: 3-4 Weeks

Grimm Audio TPR ‘Twisted Pair Reference’ cables are developed with physics in mind. Their design focuses on high RF immunity and low microphonics. The perfect symmetry of the cross-section and heavy shielding contribute to high RF immunity. Low microphonics is provided by a special interface layer under the shield and other construction details.

TPR delivers the most natural and least coloured transfer available. Get reference quality for a mainstream price.

Brand URL : Grimm-TPR

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