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€ 3993,00 (€ 3300,00 excl VAT) each
** Output attenuator


The IM2.1 2U 19 inch insert machine is ideal for the most demanding studios. The IM2.1 serves as an entirely transparent passive insert machine, and it also features bypassable active circuitry for functions such as input gain, mid/side processing, parallel processing, and stepped output gain. Utilizing our renowned analog circuitry, the IM2.1 includes 2 stereo inputs, 2 stereo outputs, and 8 stereo inserts (following the analog Tascam DB25 standard). Thanks to sealed relays, all inputs, outputs, and inserts remain fully passive, ensuring no alteration of sound during electronic switching.


  • 2 stereo inputs with bypass-able stepped active gain (+/-5.5db) on both inputs, left/right swap and polarity swap
  • insert 1 / 2 (passive) with order swap (1>2 or 2>1)
  • insert 3 with blend/parallel processing using 2 stepped controls for wet and dry
  • insert 4 (passive)
  • insert 5 / 6 with switchable stereo/MS, bypassable width control and mid or side mute
  • insert 7 (passive)
  • insert 8 (passive) with pre/post swap functionallity
  • 2 stereo outputs with global insert bypass and bypass-able active gain *

* The default output stepped attenuator is set to 0.5dB per step with a max gain range of +/- 5.5dB.

* It's also possible to order the IM2.1 with a selectable gain-range of 0.25/0.5dB per step with a small toggle switch above the gain attenuator. 

* The stepped output attenuator can also be replaced with a potmeter and a gain range of +/-10dB. This functionallity can also be used as a bypass gain compensation when pressing both insert bypass and output gain.

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