Custom logo on frontpanel

€ 60,50 (€ 50,00 excl VAT) each

Get your own logo engraved on the frontpanel of your product to make it look even more exclusive. 

There are some limitations which you should keep in mind. We don't print the frontpanels, but make use of laser-engraving. Printed frontpanels could wear over time because of your hands touching the panel, the inkt will 'disappear'. With laser-engraving this will not happen because it's engraved in the material and filled in with paint. 

  • Limited colors, default is black on white frontpanel or white on black frontpanel. Other colors are possible, see image for all options.
  • Image need to be converted to a HPGL file, which means limitations on graphics.
    A HPGL engraving is based on a two-dimensional vector graphic, which consists of lines with a custom contour described in HPGL format. This vector graphic is engraved into the surface of the main plate. The lines should be arranged so that their corresponding gravure lines create a certain number of separate "planed" areas. The spacing of lines, which together will produce a particular "cavity" must always be designed with regard to the geometry of the cutting edge of the assigned tool.
  • Images are made in 'outline mode' which means, limited possibilties in filling in.

When you want you logo to be engraved on the frontpanel please send us the image first so that we can check to see if it's possible and show you what it would look like.

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