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IC2.1 Insert Computer

€ 5747,50 (€ 4750,00 excl VAT) each

The IC2.1 offers flexible control options, including an elegant and user-friendly front-panel, as well as compatibility with our VST3/AU plugins using a network connection. This plugin allows you to save, recall, and automate settings. You can also make direct AB comparisons between various complex settings using the plugin or by using the snapshots recall function directly from the frontpanel. Every function has its own dedicated pushbutton and control encoder, no complex and user-unfriendly menus.

The IC2.1 is supplied with two stereo inputs, 9 stereo analog inserts and two stereo outputs. All inputs, outputs and inserts switching use sealed relays, ensuring a fully passive signal path with no unwanted electronic coloration.

The IC2.1 is fully packed with features like bypassable active gain on the inputs, along with separate active gains for its two outputs. Furthermore, the output gains can serve as a bypass gain compensation for level-matched AB’ing. Insert 3 is equipped with a blend mode, using our highly acclaimed independent dry/wet controls. Inserts 5 and 6 are equipped with mid/side processing, featuring dedicated mute buttons for both mid and side channels, and bypassable stereo width control. The encoder control values and the programmable insert name are displayed on the easy to read display.

More product information can be found here.

  • IC2.1 in white, direct delivery.
  • IC2.1 in black, delivery in approx 4 weeks.


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