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** Output attenuator


The IM2.1s 2U 19 inch insert machine is ideal for the most demanding studios. The IM2.1s can be used as a 100% transparant passive insert machine, but also has bypassable active circuitry for input gain, mid/side, parallel processing and stepped output gain.


  • 2 stereo inputs with bypass-able stepped active gain (+/-5.5db) on both inputs, left/right swap and polarity swap
  • insert 1 / 2 (passive) with order swap (1>2 or 2>1)
  • insert 3 with blend/parallel processing using 2 stepped controls for wet and dry
  • insert 4 (passive)
  • insert 5 / 6 with switchable stereo/MS, bypassable width control and mid or side mute
  • insert 7 (passive)
  • insert 8 (passive) with pre/post swap functionallity
  • 2 stereo outputs with global insert bypass and bypass-able stepped active gain (+/-5.5db) **

** The default output attenuator is set to 0.5dB per step with a max gain range of +/- 5.5dB or 0.25dB per step attenuator with a max gain of +/- 2.75dB.
It's also possible to order the console with a selectable gain-range of 0.25/0.5dB per step with a small toggle switch above the gain attenuator. 


  • Input and output with goldplated neutrik XLR's
  • Inserts with goldplated DB25 analog tascam standard

  • Maximum gain passive: >+24dBu
  • Maximum gain active stages: +24dBu
  • Noise level passive: >118dB(a)
  • Noise level active: >116dB(a)
  • Stereo crosstalk: >110dB(a)
  • Stereo crosstalk mid/side: ~80dB(a)
  • THD passive: 0.00042% (AD/DA limitations)
  • THD active: 0.00045%

  • Input voltage 100 to 240VAC 50/60HZ. (internal PSU)
  • Power consumption minimum 5 watt maximum 30 watt
  • Unit size: 2u 19 inch, depth 25cm
  • Weight: approx 4kg

Specifications subject to change because always improving.
Delivery: 3 Weeks



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